Rain gutter repair

Since the snow and ice has come and gone and the spring rains are right around the corner, I am getting numerous calls about leaking rain gutters. Many homeowners are quick to blame the contractor who installed the gutter, but the majority of the time, the gutter was installed properly.

The main reason for leaking gutters are:

  1. Sealer was poorly applied, or never applied. This would be contractor error.
  2. Gutter apron is not overlapping the gutter properly. This is a common especially on the corners. This would also be contractor error.
  3. The harsh winter. With the freeze thaw, freeze thaw we’ve had all winter, it takes it toll on the sealer. This is standard wear-and-tear. This is the most common problem.

I even looked at one house today that had earplugs in the holes to try to stop the leaking. This guy simply needs new Aluminum rain gutters, which I will install next week. His gutters were steel and completely rusted through, also the freeze thaw which we have every winter and fall put stress on the joints. As the joints get older you generally see more leaking.

Here are 5 simple steps to a leak free rain gutter

  1. Over come your fear of heights.
  2. Buy a grade “A” Rain gutter sealer
  3. Clean the leaking area
  4. Make sure the area is completely dry.
  5. Seal the leaking area with the grade “A” sealer.

As long as these 5 steps are followed, you should have no problems with fixing the leak.

I do free estimates for seamless rain gutter repair and replacements, I can fix leaks and make sure that your fasca and soffit are in good condition. 


Wollman Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters 
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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