From Chick to Chickens….

About 2 months ago my wife and I were having a conversation with Steve and Kristen about chickens. Stephanie and I were sharing our experience with raising ckickens and the joy we had raising then. Steve was telling us how he would love to start up the Hickey Egg Farm again. His daughter, Kaitlyn, would take care of the chick(en)s and handle the eggs. From there the conversation led to raising meat chickens. My wife and I love the idea, two years ago we raised our own meat chickens (Primarily for fun). We raised over 150, three batches of 50. But to our great dismay some varmints got into our flock. One night in particular, the varmint (in this case a mink) killed 48 chickens in one night. It started out with us only losing a chicken every now and then, slowly we started losing 1-2 chickens per night. We started locking the chickens up at night in (what I considered) a very secure chicken coop. Then we started losing chickens during the day.

Six weeks ago, I ordered 100 broiler chicks. Yesterday they arrived. I wish the weather would have been nicer.

With the help of some friends we will be raising the broilers as organic free-range chickens. We took the chickens out to our friends farm last night, and got them settled into their new home.


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