Global warming, Global cooling and Global bogus

It’s April 2 in South Dakota. When I woke up this morning it looked as if it would be a promising day, after a bit of PC work and emails my wife came into the office and announced… WHATS THIS… I looked at her and asked whats what? As she starred outside I looked over and to my disappointment saw the giant white snow flakes falling to the ground and piling up fast. I quickly rechecked to forecast and found that it’s 32 degrees out, the snow is suppost to end my 10:00 am, it’s already 10:30 am, the for the rest of the day we have a slight chance of rain, whatever that means. As of last night there was no snow in the forecast. Today’s forecast says high near 48degrees. What does near 48 degrees mean? Is it give or take 3 degrees maybe 5, or maybe 9???

We as in Sioux falls, South Dakota are on average about 14 degrees below normal temp. That would suggest that we are experiencing global cooling.

Average High: 52º
Average Low: 27º
Record High: 81º (1981)
Record Low: 6º (1899)

According to what our Average highs and lows are, I am confused. Is it really global cooling or is it global warming  or maybe is all just global bogus created by a few convinceing people and the power of media. AAAAAHHHHHHHH What the hell is going on.

Here let me break it down, according to the record high’s and low’s we are experiance a slight change in weather. Which if you dig a bit deeper in what the weather has done over the past 100-200 years you will find that this weather is totally normal. The cycles in weather are cycling just as the alway have.

It only seems horandous because every one is itching to get outside and do summer activities.  The good news is summer is coming and we can then start complaning about global warming.  The cycle continues… Till next time expect to unexpected.


Rain gutter repair

Since the snow and ice has come and gone and the spring rains are right around the corner, I am getting numerous calls about leaking rain gutters. Many homeowners are quick to blame the contractor who installed the gutter, but the majority of the time, the gutter was installed properly.

The main reason for leaking gutters are:

  1. Sealer was poorly applied, or never applied. This would be contractor error.
  2. Gutter apron is not overlapping the gutter properly. This is a common especially on the corners. This would also be contractor error.
  3. The harsh winter. With the freeze thaw, freeze thaw we’ve had all winter, it takes it toll on the sealer. This is standard wear-and-tear. This is the most common problem.

I even looked at one house today that had earplugs in the holes to try to stop the leaking. This guy simply needs new Aluminum rain gutters, which I will install next week. His gutters were steel and completely rusted through, also the freeze thaw which we have every winter and fall put stress on the joints. As the joints get older you generally see more leaking.

Here are 5 simple steps to a leak free rain gutter

  1. Over come your fear of heights.
  2. Buy a grade “A” Rain gutter sealer
  3. Clean the leaking area
  4. Make sure the area is completely dry.
  5. Seal the leaking area with the grade “A” sealer.

As long as these 5 steps are followed, you should have no problems with fixing the leak.

I do free estimates for seamless rain gutter repair and replacements, I can fix leaks and make sure that your fasca and soffit are in good condition. 


Wollman Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters 
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

blustery weather for seamless gutter repair in Sioux Falls, SD

Wow this weather is something else, I do have a few outside gutter jobs, new installations, that I have to complete, luck for my the contractors are understanding, they do not expect any of there crews to be out in this weather. It looks like better weather is on the horizon.

Wollman Seamless rain gutters  605-261-5335

I do seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters. Repair and new instatation

Wollman Construction is the name to beat. We do most of our business in the City of Sioux Falls, Brandon, Worthing, Harrisburg, Lennox, Hartford, Crooks, Del Rapids. I will be adding more info as time goes on.

I am in Sioux Falls, SD

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I would love to add you to our list of Satisfied costumers.

Hello Sioux Falls, South Dakota and surrounding area

Welcome to my Blog. I hope that I can bring you valuable information that will help you with your home improvements. We primarily work with Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters with or without leaf guards, we also do and advise on roof repair, siding, windows, decks and wet basements.

I have been working in construction for almost 10 years, and have worked in almost every area of home building and remodeling. Two years ago I started Wollman Construction working with seamless rain gutters. Rain gutters was all we did for the first year of business, the second year we decided to expand. We took on roof repair, that part of the business has grown into fun adventure for us. We partnered with other roofing and siding companies to form a network of home repair specialists. Our hope is that I would continue to grow into a pillar of integrity and trust.

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