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Support this

Support this

This could  mean big savings on your next remodel project. Weather it’s new construction or getting your roof done this coming summer. A 2% saving could help with extra upgrades into your home or business.  Excise tax is added to your total bill. That means on material you pay a total of 8% tax. Six percent retail tax and 2% excise tax. It’s time to say enough Get rid of this double tax, and burden.



If your shingles look like this….

Curling Shingles

Missing Tabs

Also CertainTeed Shingles, which are defective. One tall tale sign is when they lose the rock and the tabs on them.

Good example of defective CertainTeed Shingles.

Defective CertainTeed Shingles, less than 15 years old. If your shingles look like this give us a call for a free inspection and estimate