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How to repair holes in you seamless rain gutter

If you have leaks in your Rain gutters, I am sure that (by this time) you are frustrated. Frustrated with the water dripping or leaking out of the gutters at places where water should not be coming out. You may have  even slipped and fallen or almost fallen on the patches of ice the leak caused.

If your gutters are leaking and there are holes in them, chances are you have steel gutters. The steel gutters are probably rusted on the inside. The holes are caused by the rust thinning the steel. The gutters start rusting when your gutters are not draining properly. With out proper drainage, water and other debris sits in your gutters, that gives the rust plenty of time to rust holes in your gutters. The majority of the time you can not tell there is a hole until the water starts dripping.

The upper Midwest is notorious for a weather cycle known as “freeze thaw”. During the winter and spring we will have periods of time when everything is frozen, followed by a warm cycle which causes everything to thaw. This cycle repeats itself numerous times. The “freeze thaw” will expose any weak spots in the gutter. The bad news is, if you only have one hole, you soon will have several more.

There are two ways to repair holes in rain gutters, both ranging in different degrees of difficulty.

The easiest way to repair the hole:

  1. Clean and completely dry the area.
  2. Use a quality caulk and fill the hole a surrounding area (about an inch around the hole)
  3. Let the caulk dry and wait for the next rain storm to test you handy work, or use th garden hose.

The more difficult way (but better option) to repair the hole:

  1. Dry and clean the area (six to eight inches away from the hole)
  2.  Cut a piece of metal to fit inside the gutter (large enough to cover the hole and about two inches around it
  3. Use a quality caulk and liberally apply it to the area
  4. Slowly place the fitted metal plate into the sealer
  5. On the outside of the gutter, use three to five screws to secure the metal plate into the gutter
  6. Apply additional caulk to seal every screw and all the edges on the new metal plate

Tip: use a piece of metal that is the same color as the gutter if possible. You can also put the metal plate on the outside of the gutter.


There are some simple things to check in order to keep your gutters in good working order.

To prevent rust through…Keep your gutters clean and make sure they are draining properly. If you want to invest more time and energy, thoroughly clean the gutters (rust and all). Clean your gutters all the way down to shiny metal. Since you’ve taken the time to thoroughly clean your gutters, go the additional mile and spray it with a quality rust-stop paint.

 I would advise a thorough check of the gutter to make sure it will be worth your time.

Thinks to look for…first, the obvious, look for weak spots that may not hold up when it is being cleaned, and make sure you have good drainage.

Here are a few pros and cons…

  • ….if you repair the leak or hole in the rain gutter. In my professional opinion, you are only putting a band-aid on wet skin. You can patch the hole, but it will eventually come off. (Typically sooner rather then later)
  • ….if you replace the gutters, then you will experience zen for many years to come.  (The average cost of replacing gutters is $650-$850)

Here are some pros and cons to fixing Vs. repair…

  • …repair is cheap and easy.
  • …replacing is difficult and more expensive.
  • …repair is something that will more then likely need annual or biannual maintenance.
  • …replacing comes with a one year warranty.

If you are going to keep living in your house for more then 3 years, I would strongly recommend replacing the rain gutters. Not only will it look better, but it will also be an advantage when it comes time to sell.

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