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Leaking Roofs

Due to the melting snow and ice we are seeing right now in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas, you might be experiencing some leaks. A leak can be a serious issue. Whether the leak is on your roof, coming through your ceilings or water coming into your basement. Some of those leaks can be easily fixed and other can cause thousands of dollars of damage before detection.

Here are a few things to look for. Let’s start from the top and work our way down.
If you are getting leaks from the roof, it is necessary to get all the snow and ice off the roof. The next step is to inspect the roof to find out where the water is leaking into the house. Common places to look are in the valley’s, around pipe vents and box vents,along the bottom of the roof and also where satellite dishes are installed. Take time to make sure there is Ice and Wearther Guard installed on the roof, and last but not least, examine the condition of the shingle. It is critical that the shingles are in good condition.

Let’s examine the causes of water leaks in the basement. To determine where the water is coming in, first examine your rain gutters and the downspouts. Improperly placed and ill-functioning down spouts can cause major problems.

This week I was called to look at a basement with water leaking in, in several areas. After examining the property is was determined the downspouts were the cause of the problem. Normally a downspout directs the water away from the house, but in this case it was draining back towards the house. The only option the water had was to run down along the foundation and into the basement. Our solution was to redo the downspout and add a splash block on the ground. This will take the water away from the house, instead of it draining back towards the house.

Anytime there is water leaking into your house, whether from the roof or into the basement, it is a serious issue. If water damage is not dried withing 48 hours the risk of mold and mildew growing jump at an exponential rate. Mold can be hazardous to your health and requires immediate attention. To help minimize costs, have any leaks examined immediately. The longer a leak is present in a home, the higher the cost associated with fixing the damage the water causes. Leaks do not typically go away on their own, if anything, they become worse over time.

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